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Adventures in Hypermobility

I'm a side sleeper. But for the past ten years it's been extremely painful for me to sleep on my right side because my shoulders are particularly hypermobile (double jointed). I have a larger range of motion in all joints, more than the average person. My left shoulder more so than my right.

My left arm partially dislocated in rehearsal about 7.5 years ago. What brought instant relief? My very first Alexander Technique lesson! My first AT teacher, Christine Lidvall helped me see that what was happening with my arm was a pattern of tension; but it was also a lack of muscular tone throughout my whole body. My entire education these past seven years continues to be seeing how a change in one part of my body affects and changes the whole. How you use your body affects the functioning of your body.

Hypermobility frequently includes joints/tendons/ligaments but it can also include our fascia (tissue), muscles, organs, skin, veins, etc. I had resigned myself to not being able to sleep on my left side for the rest of my life. I actually have trained myself to sleep on my back and right side because the pain from laying on my left side can be truly debilitating.

The Alexander Technique helped me integrate and better use the left side of my body. I was quite literally DISintegrated with my dislocated arm and throughout my body, and just over the course of my first AT lesson, I learned that my body can heal, that I was unbalanced muscularly, too tense some places, way too lax in others...the work continues, but the Alexander Technique has taught me how my body works, and continues to help my mind/body/spirit become more whole.

I now realize my body knows how to heal itself if I'll allow it.

Are you or someone you know extra flexible/hypermobile? Have you experienced pain, discomfort, or injury from being extra flexible? The Alexander Technique may be able to help you find strength, support, and pain-free ease of movement in your body.

If you have any questions please comment on this post. If you are interested in experiencing the Alexander Technique, sign up here:

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