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One of my music students changed my life recently. He wrote me a thank you letter for the many years I've been his teacher. That may seem innocuous enough to you, but imagine the letter enumerating the many ways you've helped a student succeed and correctly see themselves and their efforts. Imagine the letter that makes you cry from how beautifully it's written and to see in words how your efforts, thoughts,...your very self, is fully appreciated. It was the thank you all educators hope to receive at the end of our time with any student.

But it did more than make me feel pride and gratitude for my student. This student helped me better see my value as an educator and person. All the lies and BS I've been telling myself and picking up from others for decades have been clouding my vision and made me question my worth.

In what ways are you lying to yourself?

What stories have you created or adopted from others that keep you small and not fully expressing your potential?

What is the thing you hate or judge yourself for that you want to be free from?

For me, I think I needed my value and strengths mirrored back to me from a student, but I had the power this whole time to free myself of my perceived limitations. So do you.

Can you look at what you believe are your limitations and say NO MORE? Can you set yourself free from the prison and illusion of these thoughts? It's a choice. Can you choose to be and show up as your dynamic self in all situations?

Will you give yourself the gift of your self-love?

Self-awareness is one of the ways to self-love. The Alexander Technique is a method of helping you become self-aware so you can make different choices to change your life.

I offer private lessons, workshops, professional development to children and adults who are looking to have a different and improved relationship with themselves, others, and the world.

To book a lesson please go to

Wishing you a level of conscious clarity that only self-love can illuminate.

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