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Becoming Someone Else

At the end of my time as a band director, it became obvious that a change was needed in my life. I knew I wanted to get my masters in performance, that I wanted to invest in my growth as a musician and become more knowledgeable...but this whole process of learning was also learning how to become someone else.

I deeply identified as a band director, but who was Melanie Davis the freelancer? The entrepreneur? How does one successfully make that transition without feeling like an impostor? Hint: you can't! At some point(s) you will definitely experience impostor syndrome.

It would need to be a different Melanie that quit her job to become a student again. To explore, experiment, and seek out why I struggled in various ways on my trombone. It would also be another version of myself that would decide to become certified in the Alexander Technique and ultimately get on on a plane once a month to Philadelphia to seek the information that would help me with my chronic pain and also help me facilitate change for others.

Choosing to change your life in any lasting way is a choice to change who you are. Changing your identity. If we are struggling to lose weight, begin exercising, quit smoking, to practice any discipline more, we are struggling with changing our identity.

Understanding the process makes things easier. What do you want to achieve/change? What are the habits of people who already do what you want to become or have what you want?

I'd love for you to comment or share your thoughts in the forum, but if this concept interests you, here is further reading:

Atomic Habits by James Clear (he also has great offerings on social media and an e-newsletter at

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza (if meditation interests you, you'll LOVE this)

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