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Choosing Discomfort

Think of the thing you don't want to do but you KNOW it's going help you grow and eventually be successful. Did you have a physical or emotional response to thinking about that thing? Did it feel like a tightening? A closing? Fear and uncertainty?

Can you label that feeling or emotion?

Giving that sensation and emotion a name can help you understand it and eventually move through it. Can you choose the temporary discomfort of sitting with and understanding that thing we fear to ultimately do what it's asking us to learn and change?

Educators: it's part of our job to help our students understand the process of learning and to welcome the periods of temporary discomfort of mastering anything.

Helpful approaches can be:


2.Explaining the process of learning/creating a plan of action to execute the experience they fear

3.Patient reminding that they are in the hard part of the process that feels at times deeply uncomfortable

4. Learning more about resilience and helping our students understand their own resilience can be doing and exposing ourselves in small and big ways to the thing we fear.

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