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How Much Time Do We Have?

One of my coaching clients recently reminded me of the different ways time can be experienced. Engrossed in a thrilling book, game, or movie, time passes swiftly. Sitting in a boring lecture, getting blood drawn, sitting in traffic, time passes excruciatingly and comedically slowly.

When we are in the process of change or creation, we will experience both of these. I feel it's important to know when to wait, when to work, and realizing that we can choose how to experience time during these periods...the way that is most helpful.

Let's say you have five minutes to get something done. You can think that you have a luxurious and spacious five minutes to do your best work. What if you have to wait five years to achieve a goal? Can you have patience during the hard days and weeks? Understanding that your enthusiasm will dip multiple times in a week/month/year?

If you have five minutes or five years, can you stay present, have and give patience, and understand that you are in a process....and as long as you're doing your work, the process will play out and you will learn what you need to from the process.

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