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My Time at Interlochen

I recently got back from sharing the Alexander Technique at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Interlochen, Michigan. What an honor and privilege to be invited to teach!

The other Alexander teachers and I were assigned high school students, but because of their maturity level and ability to grasp concepts like self-worth, identity, and anxiety, the Alexander Technique was able to support them in their weekly performances, their daily rehearsals, and in their lives and interactions with others.

The Alexander Technique is a method of increasing one's self-awareness to be able to change aspects of yourself and/or your life.

It helps you become aware of how you're using your body and mind, and with that awareness, allows you to make new choices for better outcomes in work, life, play, relationships.

The Alexander Technique gives you tools for life. Leading to being more joyous, physically and mentally free, problem-solving, and increasing the ability to connect with yourself and others at a deeper level.

AT makes you more available to yourself and those you care about.

I was able to help my students at Interlochen find more freedom in their minds and bodies with the use of games, activities, using my hands to guide them into more balance and less tension, and inviting them to think differently about themselves and the world.

If you are looking to take steps toward becoming more self-aware to perform any activity with more ease and skill, and to feel more at-home in your body and world, I'm available for private lessons and workshops, online or in-person if you live in the Houston area.

To book a private lesson:

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Leah Solis
Leah Solis

What an awesome experience!


It was truly amazing! Thanks so much Leah!

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