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Sustaining Motivation

I've been struggling with sustaining motivation for some of my long term goals. I'm realizing it's present day hardships that, at least for me, are sapping my energy and vision for my long game.

I've been over-focusing on current challenges, and things that look like setbacks (mislabeling), instead of resting in the knowledge that I'm on the right track, but certain aspects of life and work are just difficult right now. So I've been thinking of ways to help all of us stay motivated.

Questions to ask yourself or the students you teach to gain clarity for pushing through difficult times:

  1. Are you seeing the bigger picture? Have you forgotten your WHY? Can you create reminders of your WHY to help you remember why you're tired, frustrated, and doubting your abilities. Are you seeing the forest or the trees?

  2. Are you labeling and seeing the challenging parts of your life and work accurately? What so called "problems" will resolve themselves? Can you delegate them away? What is pressing and needs your time and attention?

  3. Do you believe in Providence, coincidence, or both? No matter what you believe, the MEANING and PURPOSE you attribute to your circumstances will determine your success.

  4. Choosing discomfort... is life happening to you or are you aware that you are creating/accepting, on some level, all of the circumstances in your life. Before you start arguing for limitations, please hear me out....can you choose your challenge(s)? Choose your temporary discomfort? If you take responsibility for your life and experiences, you'll be able to better weather the periods of fatigue, fear, boredom, and frustration that happens to all of us trying to attain anything great. Taking full responsibility instead of blaming others.

Book Recommendation: The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler. A game-changer for anyone looking to optimize systems and habits for truly great results. Written with clarity, humor, and full of ways to help you attain mastery in any field.

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