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Understanding the Nature of Change

I have a lovely and hard-working student who I’ve been teaching for four years now and he’s becoming such a sensitive, astute, strong player. He struggles with articulation and with forming his embouchure in a way that’s correct and functional for him. His last lesson inspired today’s thoughts.

For students struggling in the midst of what they see as failure (we’re all students btw!!)….the process of improvement is normally slow and at times pain-staking. Do quick breakthroughs happen? Sure, but they are rare. Progress that is lasting and permanent tends to be slow in the experience of it.

Please have patience with yourself during the process of change. Understanding that you are indeed IN A PROCESS. Understanding nasal, airy, not so beautiful sounds, whatever you’re struggling with, are a PART of the PROCESS of discovery and mastery. Giving yourself grace for not being perfect, but seeing your growth, even miniscule growth as beautiful, worthy, and perfect in it’s own way is what’s needed to sustain you in the times you’re frustrated or disappointed.

What part of the process are you in? Baking bread or a cake, are you measuring, mixing? Kneading? How hot should the oven be? In your situation, what part of the process are you in? It's a balance of not getting ahead of yourself but also looking ahead and being prepared for the next step in the process.

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