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Finding Inspiration with Melanie Davis

A resource for all looking for help in changing habits and finding solutions for performance and life.

I offer this blog to you as a place for curiosity and exploration for learners and educators from all backgrounds.

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Grounding to Free Yourself

As one of my trombone students was playing warm-ups recently I saw a tree in my mind but it wasn't rooted, grounded into the soil. It was...


One of my music students changed my life recently. He wrote me a thank you letter for the many years I've been his teacher. That may seem...


At the beginning of August, I had the privilege of presenting an Alexander Technique professional development to the Alvin ISD Fine Arts...

My Time at Interlochen

I recently got back from sharing the Alexander Technique at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Interlochen, Michigan. What an honor and...

Sustaining Motivation

I've been struggling with sustaining motivation for some of my long term goals. I'm realizing it's present day hardships that, at least...

How Much Time Do We Have?

One of my coaching clients recently reminded me of the different ways time can be experienced. Engrossed in a thrilling book, game, or...

Choosing Discomfort

Think of the thing you don't want to do but you KNOW it's going help you grow and eventually be successful. Did you have a physical or...

Becoming Someone Else

At the end of my time as a band director, it became obvious that a change was needed in my life. I knew I wanted to get my masters in...

Motivation to Practice

I used to see students who didn’t practice or didn’t practice enough as lazy. Not caring enough, not motivated enough. Now with more...

Celebrating the Small Wins

Celebrating the big wins is always easy to me. You get the chair, win the audition, get the medal or trophy. You immediately physically...

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